J-System:  J
WH-system: J130759 < C-C00136 < C-R00014
Signatures and anomalies:
Fortification Frontier Stronghold     660 dps
Outpost Frontier Stronghold     740 dps
Solar Cell     690 dps
The Oruze Construct     582 dps
Forgotten Frontier Quarantine Outpost     608 dps
Forgotten Frontier Recursive Depot     1396 dps
Unsecured Frontier Database     1050 dps
Unsecured Frontier Receiver     608 dps

WH class: ะก3
Static: K346 Null-sec
Effect: no effect
Planets: 10     ( List of planets )
Moons: 75
Star: Orange radiant
Security level: -1.0
Radius: 27.6 AE (last planet orbit)
See system on: Anoik.is, Ellatha.com, ZKB

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